Top 5 questions about hair extensions

Most popular method of extensions used?

Most popular are probably seamless take extensions. They are very comfortable and easy to install, they look very natural and not heavy on the scalp.
Clients benefit from this method, who have thin to medium hair. It creates volume and length, generally it lasts for 4 to 8 weeks but it will maintain up to 10 weeks.
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How often do you need to replace hair extensions?

The breakdown for tape extension is 4-8 weeks, sewed beaded weave extension should be replaced 2-3 months.
Micro link extensions last up to 4 months but you will need to bring them up after two months for best results.
Hot fusions last the longest three to five months but with this technique, you will have to purchase a new set of hot fusions every time.
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Which is the safest hair extension method?

The safest method of hair extensions equal distribution spread over a larger area causing no damage probably would be the tape extensions or the beaded sewed extension weft

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how do you sleep with her extension?

Comb hair out and add a little leave in conditioner at the ends.
You can put your hair in two braids, a high bun or high ponytail, tie a ribbon or a scrunchie at the ends.
To keep the longevity of the extension, do not wash your hair daily.  It will increase the lifetime up to 5 weeks and it will not loosen the adhesive (glue).
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How long does my own hair need to be to make an extension look natural and balanced?

Approximately 6-8 inches of your own hair is needed for optimal results.

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The higher the grade, The better quality of hair. Starting at 3A – 6A.

Remy hair and human hair are both 100% human hair.

The difference is Remy hair is that the cuticle is still intact.

When they bundle it, it will fall in the same direction.

They both have not had any chemical processing during the time that it’s cut.

Microlinks Cold Fusions

Micro links is a type of hair extension in which extension is secured to the hair strands by use of a small, silicon bead.

The extension can last 10 to 12 weeks (2-3 Months) depending on care.

100% human hair, 3A-6A quality, length 16 inches to 22 inches.

Colours dark to light, application time four to six hours.


  • Do not require any heat or adhesive glue when installed properly should not be any damage.
  • Low maintenance hairstyling maintenance should be very easy to do and take care of.


  • Microlink’s disadvantage can cause natural damage to hair if not attached properly.
  • The weight of the link when wet, might feel uncomfortable and heavy.
  • At times it could be challenging to sleep on and can feel the links on your head.
  • Not advised to do micro links on your own, go to a licensed professional for application.

Tape in Extension

Tape in extensions are the most popular hair extension trend on the market.

Tape in hair extensions are thin tape wefts, 1 inch white pre-taped hair weft, that get “taped-in” in between your own hair in “sandwich” like bonds.

 It is the most requested hair extension method in salons worldwide.


  • Takes less time 30 – 60 min to apply extension on your own hair.
  • Suitable for fine hair, they lay flat on the head very comfortable.
  • Keep extensions minimal damage to her because of weight the weight is spread evenly through the hair.
  • One purchase can last up to 5 uses if taken care of properly.
  • Tape last two to three months.
  • very affordable option compared to microlink hot fusion


  • Avoid excess amount of washing within the week, recommended two times a week max.
  • No oil or conditioner on the scalp or close to the extension adhesive.
  • Can’t really clean scalp properly, may itch scalp sometimes.
  • For those who want to wear hair up, tape will show sometimes, not recommended for high ponytails or buns.

Weft Extensions

What is the beaded weft extensions

This technique combines the volume and length of a weave with the easy install of fusion hair.  The weft is placed in the hair with our micro ring beads that are sewn on to the weft. These beads are lined with silicon to protect your hair as well as prevent any slippage.

Creating horizontal tracks using microbeads and weft extension .

Sewing the weft hair into the track with a needle and a cotton thread, blend seamlessly with your own hair and give you a natural look.


  • No heat required or adhesive glue.
  • last two to three months.
  • Recommended for people with short and thick hair.
  •  reusable hair weave.
  • it takes two to three hours for application.


  • Not recommended for anybody with fine hair.
  • Require proper washing in maintenance.

Machine Weft vs Hand Tied Weave

Machine weft sewn by a machine has a larger track than a hand tide weed.

 As a thinner weave lies closer to the head.

Of course machine weft are more affordable, than hand tide weft.

Depends on what your budget and what you’re wanting to achieve.