How do I choose a wig?

There is a different variety of wigs and hairpieces.
First you and your consultant determine the amount of hair you have and what coverage you are comfortable with

It might just be a small amount to a larger amount that needs to be covered.

Once that is determine, then you can start to look at styles that work for you, adding different colour. The higher the quality of the inside of the base that better fitting and comfortable it will be.

For example, lace front combination with monofilament cape, they are natural usually hand tide knots not machine weft. However, they are usually more expensive.

If you are looking to get a wig on a budget, there are many other alternative options that are just made different but are well made to fit your natural look.

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How to Apply Wig

  1. Turn wig over and hold in front of you, hairline should be facing you
  2. Hold at nape area and slip wig on like a cap, keeping easrs free
  3. Gently push hairline of wig up to match up with your natural hairline
  4. Hold ear tabs and adjust to ensure wig is on evenly in front of the ears
  5. Use wire in ear tabs to adjust and form to the shape of the temples
  6. use fingers, brush, or comb (dependant on fiber) to help shape into desired style.

Tips: If you have a SmartLace lace front wig, do not pull on or stretch the lace

DO NOT slide thumbs or fingers underneath lace.

Use ONLY the ear tabs to adjust wig placement on the head.

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What color do I choose?

Colour in a synthetic wig are more vibrant and rich looking.

In a human hair it is not as vibrant especially lighter blonde wigs, so it all depends if you are going for synthetic or human keep those points in mind when purchasing the right wig and hairpiece for you.

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The sizes

We have different variations of sizes from petite average and large when it comes to wigs and hair toppers.

We have different dimensions depending on coverage, we just need to look at what specific areas you’re looking and provide a solution based on a coverage chart.

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Human vs synthetic, which is the best to go with?

Let us talk about synthetic versus human why choose one over the other.

  • Synthetic wigs have a more resistant fade than human hair wigs.
  • human hair just fades quicker especially when exposed to the UV rays.
  • Synthetic hair cannot be close to any hot tools whatsoever, we must be mindful that it is only synthetic fibers.
  •  human hair is more durable in the long run.
  • Human/Remy Wigs are more costly but lasts a lot longer than a synthetic wig.
  • synthetic wigs are less expensive.
  • Other human hair can be very expensive, but Remy Hair will last the longest if maintained properly, depending if you are looking for temporary fix or wanting to invest in it for a while longer period.
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Why do wigs and hair topper get tangled?

  • Using the right products on synthetic wigs and hair toppers will keep from tangling and looking messy.
  • Using regular Hairspray on a synthetic hair overtime, will make the hair look dull and create buildup which will destroy the longevity of the wig.
  • We have proper hair care products with whichever (synthetics or real hair) you decide to purchase.
  • Products designed to add shine smooth and maintain the quality of the hair.
  • synthetic hair products remove oils from the base, leaving the hair shiny and natural.
  • washing the wigs is very important for the longevity of the hair.
  • Human hair should be maintained by a professional, try to bring it once evert two weeks for washing and styling
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